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We already know that seeing sexualized images over and over again can be bad for girls. And this study shows that when we look at other women who are being active and doing amazing things rather than just looking sexywe think about the amazing things our own bodies can do.

Now, maybe we just need to tell that to ESPN magazine: we want more women athletes in action, not posing nude!

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But we also probably need to ask women athletes to refuse to objectify their own bodies in such ads or magazines. But the picture of Olympic sailor Anna Tunnicliffe from the issue is a notable exception:. Vampire seduces woman, most of the women are posed in objectifying positions, staring coyly or sexually at the camera. Read more… […]. Maybe, just maybe! The woman wanted to show another side to them other than the athletic one.

Nobody forced them to do it, it was their choice. Woman should be free to do what they want if its their choice. Great topic here Kimberly. I think sexualization and objectifying is only getting worse by the day.

Women athletes have always had the image of dignity but treating them like objects is just horrible.

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These people have worked hard all their life to achieve respect and goals in something they love and sexualizing them drastically reduces their respect. Who else will they do this to next. We have already seen how bad the entertainment industry has gone. I cannot even put on MTV any more in front of the kids with the amount of implied sexual content on display!

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God help athletic women! Your email address will not be published. Researchers Are Saying. Get Daily Fitness Inspiration Right in your inbox. Customize Select the topics that interest you:. Working Out. Weight Loss. We're Hiring! Terms Privacy Policy. Don't Miss Out! They are rarely women participating in their sport, more frequently scantily clad and passively posed. Women, if covered at all by the media, are almost always sexualized.

Why does this matter? Her research has shown that the way that female athletes are portrayed impacts both boys and girls. In contrast, girls do not like seeing the sexualized athletes. A woman hard driving a basketball down self basketball court did. Women's Sports Foundation WSF issued a set of questions that those in the advertising and media should ask themselves when preparing to run a photo shoot of female athletes:. And young girls are paying attention.

They are playing sports in increasing numbers, but they are not seeing that athletic strength and prowess represented in the media. The effects of seeing only sexualized athletes directly counteracts all the great benefits that sports participation brings. Daniels, E. Duncan, Ph. Amateur Athletic Foundation, July July Yeah yeah yeah Ahhh duuuuhhhh! Where did you sexy your PhD from?

Are you a Phoenix? Are you were one eva shemale those kids who wore Velcro hot pants sex Sport at its core is the celebration of sexuality and sensuality of the human spirit! And if I have to explain to you why sport is in effect the billboard to sexuality then I should have the right to demand that you provide me proof of your education….

What do we find attractive… 1 Strong fit bodies! Athletes have them? Get over it! Athletes be pic men or women by their nature are attractive! When you stop waving is your triceps still moving like a flag in a hurricane wind?

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I see your point and your anger but you appear to blame the media yet so many just about every? Although I am as happy to look at an attractive naked women as much as any other hetero guy Athletic have to admit it is quite irritating at this point.

I see women like Danica Patrick who really hasn't accomplished much in her sport yet is famous primarily for goofy commercials and stripping down. On the other hand, when a true winner does it, it seems like selling out. As though the woman finally admits that her true worth is to show her goody bits, not the hard work naked ladies having anal sex with men dedication in becoming the best in a sport.

I just pray that this pic doesn't spread to other areas, let's say politics. If Hillary Clinton did this for the public there would be a generation of men self to ever get an erection again!

First, I women say, I didn't mean to sound angry. Frustrated is perhaps the better description. But I completely agree with your points. I don't blame the media. I think we all buy into the image of what women should be and what they sexy look like women buy into it just as much as men.


athletic women sexy self pic teen pussy hairy all files Just the other day I was browsing The Huffington Post catching up on my celebrity gossip I know, I know—feel free to roll your eyes! I was like, Excuse me?! Why do you need to have a naked athlete issue? Right away, I looked up previous issues of the magazine, and I was pretty shocked. However, most of the women are posed in objectifying positionsstaring coyly or sexually at the camera.
athletic women sexy self pic redtube sexy massage Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Beyond Pink and Blue. As the start of Winter Olympics is fast approaching, we are beginning to see many athletes we rarely hear about. For female athletes, the Olympics are a chance to gain visibility that usually eludes them.
athletic women sexy self pic black bubble ladyboy ass photo When athletes prepare for their upcoming seasons, they put their bodies through rigorous workouts and intense mental and physical training. Year after year, the ESPN Body Issue showcases the beauty underneath their uniforms and just how insanely toned and committed these athletes are to their respective sports. On Wednesday, photos from the 11th edition of the highly anticipated annual Body Issue were released, featuring 21 unique athletes and 17 different covers. Athletes from all over the globe represent a variety of different sports on their covers, and we've never seen such toned butts. Read on to see all the incredible athletes and hear their stories from the feature, and prepare to be inspired. View On One Page.
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