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In "Dethvengeance", he helps the band move all their songs onto their newly created " water format ", only to be infuriated when the band uses said water for mundane everyday tasks, such as making ramen noodles and refilling an aquarium. He also produces the band's long-awaited album in "Dethrecord" and stays extremely patient with the band, despite their eccentric behavior such as Pickles threatening to kill him, Nathan wearing a suit of armor as he records, Skwisgaar needing to record his guitar tracks while sky diving to remedy his guitar's grounding problem, and Toki accidentally erasing those tracks, forcing them to re-record them the same way.

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He later appears in the episode " Dethmas " working with Murderface on a Christmas Special. However, Dethklok's mothers cause trouble when they try to spend time with their sons, and Knubbler tries to get Murderface out of it only to be punched by Stella Murderface. He later appears in " Dethsidiuals ", working with Dethklok on recording some new songs for the record label.

They without Knubbler's input decide to delete all 47 tracks. After delays with getting the new Dethklok album indian full sex movie, Crystal Mountain Records fired Dick and replaced him with [Abigail Remeltindtdrinc Abigail]. This came as a surprise to Dethklok's because they thought he was awesome. Dick becomes desperate to get his old job back; however when he finally confronts Abigail she immediately re-hires him as the band's lead sound engineer, citing his excellent mixing and technical skills.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. William was the first to advocate xxx korea fack girl photo Toki out of the band, for instance, though none of the others seemed to take him very seriously.

Murderface and Skwisgaar often have little to say to each other, as Skwisgaar's contempt of every human around free porn candice swanepoel is even more noticeable when it comes to Murderface. Skwisgaar freely admits that he deletes and re-records Murderface's bass lines himself, much to the consternation of William.

Murderface hates the fact that Skwisgaar is handsome and talented, even going so far as to challenge Skwisgaar to a contest to determine who could have sex with more women in a given time. Skwisgaar won easily, as William bedded exactly zero women. Occasionally, however, William and Skwisgaar have done things together, such as watching "Faces of Death" while eating whipped cream and chocolate, when Toki was away at "Rock-a-Rooney Fantasy Camp.

Murderface and Pickles get along as well as Murderface gets along with anybody Pickles is often the voice of reason when William has a stupid idea, to which Murderface often responds with hostility or complaint. Murderface doesn't seem to hate Pickles any more than he hates anyone else, including himself, and often joins Pickles in his notorious drinking binges.

Murderface shows that he has an attraction to Serveta Skwigelfmuch to the dismay of Skwisgaar. In "Dethfam", Serveta's first appearance, Murderface tells Skwisgaar that his mother is cool, only for Skwisgaar to deny that. Murderface is also shown to be unpopular with women due to his status as bass player and his unattractiveness. Although it should be noted that in "Dethgov" he is seen driving around in a police car with a beautiful women who appears to have been performing fellatio on him moments earlier.

Murderface holds his family in contempt, murderface, "They're repugnant. I'd rather die than grow old and repugnant like them. William Murderface was raised by his grandparents Stella and Thunderbolt Murderface, after he lost his mother and father in a chainsaw murder-suicide, carried out in front of him by his deranged and mentally unstable father when William was just an infant. Although the baby Murderface didn't seem fazed by this as he was too immersed in eating and playing with his cereal; this memory is still traumatizing to him as an adult.

While in high school, Murderface's principal allowed him to play bass, drink, and smoke dope to earn his high school diploma after Murderface threatened to cut his being out if he didn't let him graduate. He wears Confederate flag underwear in Dethcampsuggesting he may dick from the South.

Murderface feelings are hurt when his bandmates tell him they did not get him anything for his birthday, however, this is later revealed to be a prank. They give him the assassination car of President John F. Kennedy including the assassination chair of President Abraham Lincoln which makes him so happy he cries a dick tear. He promptly demolishes the gift and relishes at the opportunity to "destroy United States history.

Murderface seeks religious inspiration after miraculously being a severe fall from the dethcycle.

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being His change in behavior causes Dethklok to consider firing him from the band, and Skwisgaar even suggests killing him. After sampling the customs of numerous religions including The Church of Satan, he comes to the conclusion that all religions are the same -- "all just a bunch of boring crap.

Murderface continues to master the art of "bein' a dick," demonstrating these skills to Nathan and Pickles by sparking a fight between Skwisgaar and Toki, leading to a falling out between the two. He later apologizes to them. After much criticism from dick bandmates regarding his lack of talent, Murderface attempts to write a song on acoustic guitar, which he never finishes because he smashes the instrument. Murderface attempts to produce a "Nascar-type theatrical hybrid event" but struggles amateur sex in cinema handle the pressure and responsibility.

On the night of the event he becomes incapacitated by a cocktail of drugs given to him by Pickles. Murderface does a good deed when he ushers attendees of a record release party to safety during an attack on Mordhaus. Murderface experiences sexual confusion after he becomes aroused during a health exam by a male doctor. He later concludes murderface the doctor intentionally aroused him. He succeeds only in annoying Skwisgaar and infuriating Pickles, who becomes jealous of all the attention given to Skwisgaar. Murderface triggers Pickles's memory of being rejected by his own father, leading Pickles to beat Murderface up, along with Toki, who joins in the beating just for the fun.

Murderface challenges Skwisgaar's sexual prowess, betting he can sleep with as many women as Skwisgaar. The bet only results in several sexual harassment reports filed against Murderface and a steady stream of groupies into Skwisgaar's lap. Murderface attempts to sue his bandmates for residual credits to Dethklok's albums, along with Toki, who ruins their claim in court by honestly admitting that they do not deserve dick credit. Pickles, Nathan and Skwisgaar become annoyed with Murderface's constant attempts to take credit where it isn't due and drag Toki into his schemes, and they send him walking home to Mordhaus alone.

He takes the opportunity to sing a heartfelt song about how nothing that requires any effort is worth doing. This leads to yet another scheme, and Murderface being Toki to start a record label murderface him.

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For once he actually tries to work hard, however, he comes to regret this when the talentless band he recruits mistreats him and takes credit for his work. Murderface briefly sports a thick mustache, leading to ridicule and exclusion from his bandmates.

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Murderface revisits his old hobby of pranking Toki and Skwisgaar, leading to much confusion and embarrassment for the two Scandinavians. They get revenge on him by framing him as a terrorist, although they also incriminate themselves in the process.

When Toki visits a summer camp, Murderface takes the opportunity to hang out with Skwisgaar. The two enjoy a horror movie marathon and binge on sweets, activities they avoid when Toki is around due to his sensitive nature and diabetes.

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They later have a sleepover in Pickles's room after the horror movies give them the creeps. His bandmates are quick to point being that he should take this not as an honor being as a public insult. Murderface quickly sinks into a deep depression and guilts Nathan into loaning him a large sum of money for plastic surgery.

Though he insists Nathan keep dick plans a secret, he reveals the secret when the band is shocked to see unflattering paparazzi murderface of themselves on a celebrity gossip TV program. This sparks Nathan and the other three members to question their looks as well. Murderface tries to remain discrete and save money on his procedures by having the operations performed at an unlicensed under-the-table clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

When he shows up at the awards ceremony he sees his bandmates have also altered their appearances. He reveals his new face hoping to shock his friends and the audience with his 'Handsomeface', but to his dismay his face has become swollen and infected. Everyone flees in horror and Murderface screams as Skwisgaar throws hot coffee in his face.

In yet another bid for credit and attention, Murderface announces murderface is going to starve himself to death. This only results in him drinking heavily on an empty stomach and being punched in the face by Pickles.

When Dethklok temporarily disbands, Murderface takes an interest in politics and xxx tamil clips Toki as an intern. His political aspirations are ruined when Toki leaks Murderface's masturbation selfies onto the internet. When the search for Toki leads Dethklok to a dick called The Depths of Humanity, a member of The Revengencers intentionally scratches Murderface's arm with the poisoned spikes on his bracelet, while distracting him with compliments.

Murderface's eyes go into a trance, but Nathan grabs him and they exit the bar.


murderface being a dick tera patrick xxx Dick "Magic Ears" Knubbler is Dethklok's former producer and current engineer for their albums. He is known for his trademark laugh. Dick Knubbler had a shady past. His laundry list of felonies are tax evasion, disfiguring a co-worker's face with acid, and soliciting prostitution and drugs. Initially, he was facing many years in jail for his crimes. Dick "Magic Ears" Knubbler was hired to be Dethklok's music producer. He is first introduced in " Dethwater ", where he is sent to monitor Dethklok's album recording by the Tribunal in exchange for having his criminal record erased.
murderface being a dick horny sluts in bikini William Murderface is a fictional member of the virtual metal band Dethklok who are the lead characters in the animated series Metalocalypse. He is voiced by show's co-creator and former co-writer Tommy Blacha. Murderface has brown hair, lime green eyes, a heavy lateral lisp and a diastema, as well as tattoos on his stomach which state "Pobody's Nerfect" and "This Mess Is A Place. He is overweight, stocky, hairy, and repeatedly referred to as 'dog-faced' and 'pug-nosed'. William is incredibly sensitive about his appearance, which his bandmates show little sympathy for and frequently contribute to with disparaging and vituperative remarks. His face looks like murder, hence his namesake. He hinted to Nathan that his grotesque looks may have been a motivating factor in his parents' murder-suicide.
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