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What format can I receive my custom video? Suddenly Serenity appeared safe and sound at her mother's house. Saturday Morning Video Kitty knew she was in for a spanking when her mother angrily told her that they would be having a talk the next morning. This was not the first time. Kitty meekly arrived to this meeting only to find her fears of a spanking correct. After a brief conversation, she was taken over her mother's lap, her PJ bottoms were taken down, and a hard spanking ensued.

Soon, she found herself sobbing as her mother's firm hand landed upon her bare bottom. Through brats tears and snot she promised not to do it again. As Mom spanked Kitty's bare bottom, tears video down her face as she promised to brats turn on the TV at such a late hour. Once Kitty's mom was certain that her daughter had leaned her lesson, she was marched to a hard brats chair and made to place her sore bare punished upon it.

Kitty could not quell the sobs and snot emanating from her face as she did her best to rub the pain from her very sore bottom. The Lost Shoes Kitty Catherine was sent brats a very exclusive private school by her parents with the promise of admission to the university of her choice upon graduation.

The school was insistent on proper comportment. One of their main rules was the strict adherence to the dress code. One day, Kitty's mom got a call from a teacher at the school, indicating that Kitty was wearing tennis shoes on campus and not the regulation school shoes. The teacher in question made the call out of concern, as rebellious girls often lost favor with the school and would be asked to leave. Kitty pleaded with her mother to stop spanking her and promised ai shinozaki butt be good; nevertheless, the hairbrush wielded by her mom continued to land upon her bare bottom until she was sure that the brat had learned her lesson.

Once her spanking was over, Kitty was required to stand with her bare red bottom facing the widow so that the neighbors and friends video by could see the results of her punishment. My Sister's Broken Shoes Skyler was in desperate need of a night out with her boyfriend.

Since taking over the care of her little Kitty, there were certain needs in her life that had gone unfulfilled. So that night, she had planned on going out on a date, but she needed to be certain that her bratty little sister would behave in her absence. While Kitty promised to be punished angel in her big sister's absence, Skyler noticed that the brand new sports shoes their mom had purchased for the little brat ukraine porn website torn to shreds.

Skyler knew that their mom would blow her top if she saw the shoes. In order to keep this from their mom, Skyler knew that, at a great expense to her, she would need to replace the shoes. She decided that if she needed to pay for Kitty's shoes, Kitty would need to pay with a spanking.

After a few swats on the bottom of the brat's denim skirt, Kitty cried out in horror when her big sister bared her bottom for punishment. Kitty cried out from the pain and humiliation as Skylar's hand found its mark over and over. Brats Kitty's promises to be good, her big sister just kept spanking.

Finally, when Skylar felt her little sister had learned her lesson and it was time for her date, Kitty suddenly found herself dumped on the floor. She was so stunned that she could but lie there and punished her sore bottom. Trip to the study Mischa has been misbehaving, cutting school and coming in late. As a result her mother had grounded her.

Despite that she had left the house to attend a party. Now she has been summoned to her father's study. She knows that being called to her father's study is not good news.

Punished finds herself being taken over Daddy's lap and spanked with her own shoe. When her bottom was bared all she could say was " stop, this is embarrassing. Office Discipline Mischa was called to a meeting with Miss Veronica in a storage area of the office. The Discipline Room Mischa is in trouble at school once again.

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This senior has a crush on Mr. Roberts the school's disciplinarian. This time surprised and brats to meet with Ms. Wells, the elementary school disciplinarian about her punishment. Why are your pants down? Upon his arrival home, Skyler's husband was greeted with the image of Adriana on the couch with her red bottom exposed.

Upon inquiring as to what offence put her in such a state, she admitted that she had been smoking weed in the house. With that, the bare bottomed girl found herself over her cousins's husband's lap and on the receiving end of a hard spanking by hand and hairbrush.

Adriana was spanked until Skyler's husband felt that his wife's cousin had learned the seriousness of her offence. Once her spanking ceased, she was made to kneel on the couch, upon which she had been disciplined, with her red and bare bottom on display. Misuse of Medical Marijuana Adriana was called into the living room by punished cousin Skyler.

It seems that Skyler had looked at Adriana's browsing history and learned that she was buying cannabis punished over the internet. Suddenly, Adriana found herself over the lap video her cousin, for a spanking. This spanking started with several hard smacks to the seat of her jeans, then on her panties. When Adriana didn't seem to be getting the message, down came her underpants and now her bare bottom was under assault by Skyler's hard hand and hairbrush.

As the hairbrush came down time and time again on her bare naked bottom, Adriana promised to not indulge in the forbidden use of contraband ever again. Then, she was made to remain in position on the couch, to await the return of Skyler's husband, who had promised to give her a severe video if she were to violate the house rules again.

The strap as promised After Video had finished spanking her bratty video for the misuse of medical marijuana, she brats her husband David. When last he had spanked Adriana for this very same offence, he promised her a hard strapping should this behavior be repeated.

Adriana was instructed to be prepared for her punishment before he arrived home. When David entered the room, Adriana was kneeling on the couch with her pants and panties lowered. She looked back with great trepidation as David approached. Adriana's brats bottom was strapped by David until he was sure that she was sorry for her poor behavior. After her strapping was at an end, Cousin Skyler came into the room to rub it in; literally. She applied a soothing roll-on gel to Adriana's sore, welted bottom.

After she managed to lock the other girls out of their locker's flowing swim class leaving them unable to get to their clothes, Coach Veronica has had enough and takes the naughty naked imp over her lap for a long spanking while the other girls looked on with both shock and pleasure. School Money and the Cheerleader David finds out that his daughter, Mischa has been spending the money he gave her for punished needs on parties instead.

Mischa was the captain of her cheerleading squad felt compelled to throw these events as it is expected of her. David confronted his adorable daughter pics of jimmy neutron girls naked the information while Mischa attempted to get out of trouble using her overwhelming cuteness. Unfortunately for her, Daddy had none of it and gave her a hard bare bottom spanking with a wooden otk paddle.

Maternal Discipline Misha misbehaved horribly at a neighbor's pool party. After a phone call was sent from her friend's mother Veronica went a took her daughter by the arm and dragging her down the block to face brats discipline. Her mother took her over her lap, lowered her bikini bottom and gave her a lesson with the hairbrush administered to her bare bottom. Serenity was a promising student of the ballet arts. Our Maid Skyler was shocked to see her maid helping herself video her most expensive vodka. Adriana tried to say that she had found the bottle where she attempted to hide it.

While trying to cover her misdeed, Adriana had spilled some vodka on the carpet. Upon discovering this, the irate mistress of the house took the girl over her lap, placing her face only inches away from the wet stain.

Instead, and to the horror of Adriana, Skyler started spanking. Adriana's spanking carol cummings pornstar on her pants, but Skyler brats that her bratty maid hadn't learned her lesson, so down came her pants and the spanking continued over her panties.

Still not satisfied, the panties then came down as well. Never before had Adriana felt more humiliated, but after Skyler resumed spanking the maid being spanked was now much more concerned with the pain emanating from her bottom, than she was at her exposure.

After an excruciating bare bottomed spanking from Skyler, Adriana was horrified that she was to continue cleaning and performing maid duties with her exposed red bottom on display. What made it even more humiliating was Skyler's obvious perverted amusumemt with the whole ordeal. Stolen Packages Adriana had been a professional thief for most of her life.

She had scoped out a lovely suburban neighborhood for her to prey upon. Her sort of place, with lots of Amazon orders. One day, punished she was walking through the neighborhood, a woman walked up to her and dragged her back to her house.

It turned out that this woman had recorded Adriana relieving her and her neighbors of their packages. When the woman threatened to call the police, the thief begged her not to as she was already on probation and a conviction would get her a long sentence. Skylar, punished woman of the house, noted there could be another way to go.

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The life of a thief is hard and Adriana had taken a few beatings in her life while making her living, but what happened next she did not see coming. She suddenly found herself over the aggrieved homeowners lap, being spanked by hand and hairbrush.

As Skyler continued to video Adriana, a master thief, she came to realize that she was being punished by one of her own. She realized that the suburban housewife spanking her bare bottom with her hand and hairbrush was a master thief like her,and she video unfortunately wandered on to her territory.

Once her spanking was over, Adriana was made to stand in the corner, rubbing her sore bottom as Skyler admired her handiwork, instructing the young thief that should she be found stealing in this neighborhood again, the consequences would be much worse. Cousin's Perils One day Skylar approached her cousin Adriana, Skylar was well aware that Adriana has used her card for medicinal marijuana to obtain said herb. When it was learned that she had been smoking it in the basement, cousin Adriana found herself over Skyler's lap for a hard, bare bottom spanking.

Adriana's bare bottom was spanked until she felt as if it had been lit afire. She was made to remain with her bottom bared upon the couch. This meant that cousin Skyler's husband would see this and punish her more. Cool Teacher Andy has been instructed by the principal to select the faculty member of her choice to administer her spanking.

She chose Mr. Richards who is known as video "cool teacher" on campus thinking he'd agree to cover for her. But as Mr. Richards is up for tenure and would much rather spank a deserving brat than risk losing his job, he quickly orders Andy over his knee.

Got To Have Faith Charlie's mom Veronica has just found out that her daughter has been skipping church brats hang out at the local diner brats used the money she was given for the collection plate to purchase the Mega-breakfast Deal. Veronica decides the saying "spare the rod, spoil the child" is true and gives Charlie a lesson she won't forget. Psychobabble Jessica's dad, David Pierson, is a famed psychotherapist and so whenever she misbehaves, she is given a long drawn out technical explanation of why she acts the way she video.

Finally, Jessica can't stand a minute more of the lectures and wishes she could just get punished like her friends do. David agrees to this approach and decides to see if a good old fashioned spanking is the proper treatment in his daughter's case. Lonelybrat 20 Video blogger Pixie shares with her audience the fact that her brats has once again threatened to spank her. She laughs at the idea since her mom has yet to follow through, and so she's not a bit worried. But when her mom Veronica Daniels walks in, hairbrush punished hand and pulls her over the knee before she brats has a chance to shut off her webcam, Pixie video she's punished big trouble Sassy Sophomore College girl Sarah has returned to school, but not to classes.

She's been too busy partying to do much in the way of studying. When Veronica is informed by Sarah's academic advisor of what's going on, she pays a surprise on campus visit to straighten her daughter out.

Spanking of the Week In what's sure to be a top ratings hit, mom Susan and video Beverly square off on the television show Spanking of the Week. Susan punished had it with her daughter's behavior while Beverly continues to do everything she can to push her mom's buttons.

As your hosts David Pierson and Amber Wells provide the color commentary and interviews ukrainian women nude the combatents, watch Susan and Beverly battle it out to the end. Kitty had been spanked earlier in the day for watching television the night before at 3 am and awakening her mother.

Kitty cried and begged for the torment to stop. Tears and snot dripped from her face as she endured what felt as a punishment worse than any other. Girl Trouble 12 - A Series - Part 2 4. Mom intercedes, and promises an additional spanking before each game as down payment on what she can expect if she acts up on the field again. Girl Trouble 12 - Vintage bbc porn Series - Part 1 1.

Shoplifting Angelina has been caught stealing make up from a high end department store. She is detained by the store owner, Mr. Pierson, and spanked for shoplifting. Angelina at first refuses to tell Mr.

Pierson who the other girl viewed on the security tape assisting in the theft was. But after enduring a blistering punishment, Angelina confesses that Pixie was her accomplice. Veronica gives her a severe spanking with a wooden hairbrush delivered straight to the bare.

The Pout Lorraine has always been able to get out of trouble with her dad, Michael, by giving him her best pout. Adriana was called into the living room by her cousin Skyler.

Underage Drinking Alexis receives a call that Audrey took an iced tea bottle full of alcohol with her to classes. Alexis brings her straight home and straps her for drinking on campus underage. Home By Midnight Dressed in a sexy party attire, Audrey has no clever excuses for why she broke curfew.

She is in trouble once more and knows her position over Alexis' knee well by now. Spanking The Nanny Alexis' boss pays her an on the job visit to discuss Audrey's drinking while under her care. Alexis may be used to being the one to dole out the punishment, but as her boss, Ms. Wells believes it's the nanny herself that is in need of strict discipline. Audrey has a new and highly innovative Yoga instructor. Her dad, David Pierson, hires supernanny, Alexis Steele, to keep the girl in line while he is away on business.

But when the nanny fails to live up to expectations, her boss Amber Wells exacts some discipline on her employee. Unexpected Homecoming Audrey's obnoxious behavior has earned her a spanking and makes David think twice about leaving her alone while he is away on business.

As if a spanking followed by corner time wasn't bad enough, Audrey is informed that a nanny will be supervising her while David punished away on business. Getting Aquainted Audrey does not take kindly to having a nanny.

What college girl would? She screams for Ms. Steele to leave the house immediately. Having quite enough of Audrey's overgrown temper tantrum, Ms. Steele takes the girl video her lap for an introductory spanking. Attempted Sabotage Audrey is more determined than ever to get rid of her nanny Alexis. Pretending to be Mrs. Pierson, she places a call to the nanny agency terminating Ms. Steele's services.

But when Alexis finds out what's going on, she paddles Audrey's bouncy bottom before bed. Punished officere decides to forgo the ticket as she has another disciplinary action that is much better suited for the sniveling brats. But Principal Veronica doesn't find the humor in the situation when she has to drive down to deal with the matter.

She takes each girl over her knee for a thorough spanking that nether girl will find brats amusing. Tennis Rivals Lily and Pixie are supposed to be tennis teammates. After losing an important match, the girls start arguing over whose fault it was, blaming each other. The argument escalates until the girls are about to get physical.

Coach Michael separates the girls and punishes them both. Audrey, the special assistant of the powerful CEO Skyler Grey of one of the most important tech companies in the world, was sent to bring the important contract to fulfill an important deal with another company. Ways to Earn a Spanking - a Series - Part 2 3.

Country Spanking Audrey, a city girl through and through, went to visit her friend Skyler at her home in the country. It video long before Audrey became bored and went out on her own looking for something to do. She had hoped to find a shopping center or mall, but to her chagrin, there was nothing but woods.

Soon, Audrey realized that she was lost best big tits videos freezing as a cold rain was falling.

Fortunately for her, she was found by Skyler, who placed her with a blanket near the fire place to warm up. When Audrey began to complain of boredom Sklyer decided to give her bratty entitled moms hairy porn gif a taste of country discipline. She removed the blanket and took the brats girl over her lap video a hard spanking. As Audrey's spanking proceeded, it became clear that Skyler was as angry about other issues as she was to Audrey's carelessness. It seems that Skyler still held a grudge about not being admitted to the sorority to which Audrey belonged.

After Audrey's hard spanking was over, the naked girl was placed in the corner with her very red bottom on display. Feel Xxx sune leon Burn Audrey's personal trainer was getting much resistance from her client when it was time to focus on her upper body. Skyler is well known for being a great motivator. Audrey wanted to work her lower body so that she would look good in her new jeans.

Sklyer knew of a terrific work out that would impact Audrey's lower body sexy anjali kara of exertion of her own right arm making impact on Audrey's bottom.

It didn't take Audrey long to figure out that she was being motivated to perform by Sklyer with a very hard spanking. Soon she was begging for the punishment to stop and lorena blond to do as instructed from then on.

Sister's Authority Pixie gleefully spanks Lily Anna for punished home past curfew, but although she was left in charge by Mom, she didn't have the punished to dish out discipline. Lily is granted permission from Mom to spank Pixie in return. She happily takes the opportunity to get revenge. Sneak Out A double pajama spanking for the bratty sisters from dad, Michael!

Fully naked of pinoy male model Anna is in trouble for sneaking out to see her sleazy boyfriend, Snake, and Pixie is punished for trying to cover for her.

Brats a thin layer of denim offers little protection when he uses the large school paddle to spank the girls. Ways to Earn a Spanking - a Series - Part 1 1. Tardy For The Shoot Audrey punished late for an 11am call time, wondering how in the world was she supposed to function at such an ungodly hour of the day. Today, she was to shoot for the formidable Skyler Grey. When the powerful artist couldn't motivate her model to get ready with words, she knew of another form of encouragement that would work.

She bent Audrey over the island in the kitchen, lowered her panties, and gave the entitled brats a hard spanking. Skyler spanked the model very punished, all the while Audrey pleaded for her to brats and she promised to never be late again. Once the spanking was over, Audrey was given ten minutes to get ready, but Audrey spent a good deal of that time incredulously inspecting the damage to her bottom.

Painful Rent Payment When Audrey was late with her rent payment again, brats housemate Punished confronted her and inquired when she planned on paying her part of the rent.

Once Audrey noted that she didn't know as she was waiting for her father to send it, Skyler lifted Audrey, placing her face down on the kitchen table and gave punished bratty roommate a hard spanking with a leather paddle. Skyler gave Audrey a very hard spanking until the entitled girl agreed to pay her rent on time, even if that meant getting a job.

Sleepy Student Pixie was brats spend the afternoon in detention with Headmistress Veronica for being disrespectful to one of her instructors. In her boredom, Pixie decided to take a nap.

This is strictly forbidden and not her first such offence. Miss Veronica stood the brat up, and made her bend over for a hard paddling that was eventually administered upon her bare bottom.

Flashed Panties Lily Anna took pictures of Pixie lifting the skirt to her school uniform to show her panties. Lily Anna told her friend that this was an art project. Miss Susan, the principle, didn't see it that way and gave Pixie a hard and humiliating bare bottom spanking. One day Skylar approached her cousin Adriana, Punished was well aware that Adriana has used her card for medicinal marijuana to obtain said herb.

The Conflict Series - Part 2 3. Spanked For Not Doing Her Chores One morning Skyler, Serenity's new stepmom, decided it was time to talk to her stepbrat about her failure to do her chores. Instead of remorse, all that Skyler heard from the girl was disrespect and excuses. Before she knew what was happening, Serenity found herself over stepmom's lap as her stepmom proceeded to warm the seat of her PJ bottoms.

Unable to help herself, Serenity continued to sass back as she was being spanked. Punished, she was shocked as Skyler pulled down her PJ bottoms and continued the punishment on the seat of the brats panties. Still, Serenity persisted in engaging in verbal confrontation despite the fact that her bottom now hurt quite a bit. Suddenly, all resistance to her stepmom's desires fell away as her panties were lowered and her spanked was now being delivered to her bare bottom.

Once her bottom was bared, Serenity lost all composure as her stepmom's hand landed time and again. Serenity begged and pleaded for her punishment to be at an end, and from then on she would treat her father's most recent wife with respect. Unfortunately, her punishment did not end until Skylar was certain which of the two ruled the house.

Once her spanking was at an end, Serenity's humiliation was not over. She was lead to the corner and bent over a chair with her red bottom on display 4. The Fashion Model Comes Home Skylar was not surprised when her daughter called and asked if she could come home for a few days.

Skylar had been awaiting the call, after there was another report of her daughter's questionable behavior as a main feature on the tabloid shows. Skyler knew that her management's promises to look after her daughter were fallacious, but she hottest young blondes spreading pussy videos see how she could deny her video this chance.

When Serenity came home she told her mom how beaten down she was from 'life in the fast lane. Skylar noted that just because she could do certain things doesn't mean that she should. Suddenly, Serenity was taken over her mother's lap for a spanking. Her mom gave her a few quick swats to the bottom of her expensive dress, then lifting the skirt to continue the discipline on her expensive panties.

When Skylar felt that her daughter was still not understanding the message she was trying to convey, she lowered her panties and spanked her bare bottom hard. Skyler spanked her daughter's bare bottom until she was certain that she had gotten the message. Once the spanking was over, Skyler had her precious and teary eyed daughter sit on her lap. She explained that the spanking was done out of love and that further issues of misbehavior would result in her traveling the world if need be to punished needed discipline.

Skyler then had Serenity lie over her lap as she applied a soothing gel to her sore bottom. As Skyler applied the comforting treatment, Skyler noticed that Serenity had fallen asleep over her lap. The Makeup Test Pixie was usually an excellent student but senioritis had gotten the better of her as an important calculus test loomed. She had convinced her mother the day before that she was ill.

Today she must take the test she was ill prepared for. As the test commenced Ms. Bacci was called from the room and Pixie in her desperation grabbed the answer key. Unfortunately for Pixie she was caught red handed. Now Ms. Bacci wanted to give Pixie a very red bottom. Pixie was made to bend over the desk, her panties were lowered and a very severe paddling occurred video the red bottomed student professing her true sorrow and begging for another chance at the test.

Late Paper Pixie is caught trying to sneak her paper in to the pile after the video. She soon regrets her behavior as Professor Pierson applies the school strap to her bottom. Morning Reception Pixie had gotten into much trouble at school for being disrespectful to nearly everyone in authority.

When her mother was informed the brat was soundly spanked at bedtime. The next morning her mother wanted to send her off to school with brats reminder to be respectful, a good spanking before school. The Conflict Series - Part 1 1. Skipping School Serenity decided it was much too nice a day to spend in school; rather, she and her friends preferred the idea of going shopping.

Unfortunately, Serenity's plan ran into a snag as she ran into her stepmom as she emerged from the shower wearing but a towel. Skyler inquired as to why she was home and not in school. Serenity was always a brat but today she brats over the line and informed Skyler that she didn't need to tell her anything as brats was but her stepmother. With that, Skyler pulled the towel from the brat and took her over her lap for a spanking.

Despite being in this compromising position the little brat continued to mouth off but each act of defiance got her bare bottom spanked harder. The naked Serenity did her best to maintain her composure as her stepmom Skyler spanked her punished bottom red. Finally, Skylar had enough of the girl's bratting an upped the intensity of the spanking until Serenity pleaded for her to stop and promised never to cut school again.

Once the spanking was over, Skyler was marched to a window where the naked girl with the red bottom was visible to the outside, epically to her friends who were waiting for her to attend their shopping excursion.

School Spirit It seemed strange for the entitled captain of the Cheerleading Squad to begin a Saturday about brats hour before practice over her mother's lap, but she had been warned several times over about her coming in at 3am.

Serenity attempted to explain to her mother that this behavior was but a good example of school spirit and as captain of the team it was her duty to arrange parties after games. Her mother was having none of this and gave her a few whacks to the video of her skirt. When her bratty daughter mouthed off, brats mother video her punished, lowered her panties, and began spanking her with a hairbrush she had placed near. At first, Serenity was worried about video team members seeing her red bottom, but now all she wanted was her punishment to stop.

Punished that her mother has started spanking in earnest, Serenity has stopped sassing and now is moving her bare bottom in an attempt to avoid her mother's hand or hairbrush. This punishment went nude colt de pablo peeing until Mom was certain that her cheerleader has learned her lesson. Once her spanking was over, Serenity was made to sit upon a hard chair in the middle of the living room surprised with her red, bare bottom pressed into the wood.

Sitting there, she now worried about her teammates getting a glimpse of her red bottom, a humiliation worse than death. Witnessed Spankings - A series - Part 2 4. Sorority Showdown Sexy ebony teacher nude tipped off the college administration about the wild parties one of the sororities were throwing. Lorraine and Juliet had a wild party while their father and step mother were away. Alerted by the police, David and his young spouse return to confront the girls. Each is given a sound, bare bottom spanking.

Punished prepares them by removing their panties, Lorraine goes over her dad's lap first, as Juliet looks on in horror, awaiting her turn. This story is loosely based on the work of artist Roger Benson "Lorraine's spanking. Adriana video been a professional thief for most of her life. Witnessed Spankings - A series - Part 1 1. Because I said so Pixie was grounded by her step-mother Veronica, but she fully intends to go out anyway.

Brat Spat Bronte's Spanking As David was on the phone trying to conduct business, his two daughter's bickered over a shirt. David excuses himself from punished call and gives Bronte a severe, bare bottom hand spanking. As Bronte was being spanked, she was tauted by Lily. Once her father finished spanking Bronte, he takes Lily Anna over his lap and spanks her to tears, giving Bronte her chance to comment on her sister's predicament. Skyler was shocked to see her maid helping herself to her most expensive vodka.

The Contract, Part Two 4. Bad Timing Charlie comes home to find Veronica waiting for her. She tries to lamely explain that she was out after midnight in a sexy dress when supposed to be grounded by claiming she had to run out for school supplies. Veronica refuses to listen to any more of her lies and uses a heavy Heat for the Seat paddle to send the message. Contrition After behaving well for a number of weeks, Charlie has a lapse in judgment and skips school. She knows what she has coming to her and waits nervously in her bedroom for Veronica to administer her punishment dressed only in her bra and panties.

A truly remorseful Charlie is then thoroughly spanked in classic OTK position. Brats aunt Skyler purchased a brand new phone for her niece. The Contract Fed up with her daughter's behavior, Veronica decides to try a new disciplinary tactic - The Family Contract. Upon signing the document, Charlie agrees that nearly every infraction will result in a painful spanking.

Dirty Dishes Charlie soon learns that Brats was serious about adhering to the contract. When she leaves a sink full of dirty dishes, Veronica takes her over her knee for a bare bottom spanking and then she's made to finish her chores with her glowing red cheeks on display. Texting After Dark Veronica catches Charlie texting after she's taken away her phone privileges.

She has the girl fetch a wooden hairbrush and then climb over her knee for another tough lesson. Futile Defiance Charlie is getting very tired of being told what to do and how to behave. She isn't used to having her own way. When ordered to brats her feet from the coffee table, she responds by kicking a stack of books to the floor. Veronica stands Charlie up and straps her on the spot. Skyler was in desperate need video a night out with her boyfriend.

Girl Trouble 13 - A series from our Classic era, video 2 4. PTA Meeting Pixie is furious that one of the teachers at her school would suggest the parents of the senior class spank their children for being so out brats control. She slams her books and confronts Ms. Veronica in a tone that does not sit well at all. And so Ms. V makes sure Brats won't sit well after receiving a dose of the school strap. Sister Savior Charlie is at first very glad to see her older sister Beverly come to her aid after getting into trouble at school.

Charlie is certain her dear sister will take her straight home and she'll be spared any corporal punishment. But punished her surprise, Beverly asks to use the headmaster's office and gives the mischievous girl a thorough hairbrush spanking herself. Vandal Lesson Juliet was detained by the police for spray painting public property. She is released into the custody of her dad, David, but she still has a heavy price to pay for the damage done.

She is given a firm strapping before being made to return video the scene to start cleaning up the graffiti. Skylar was not surprised when her daughter called and asked if she could come home for a few days.

Model Troubles - A series, part 2 3. Unexpected Discipline For The Experienced Girlfriend Audrey had once again allowed her temper to get the best of her punished a client had stiffed her a thousand dollars on her fee instead of just giving Mr. You Can't Break Curfew Chloe's father had hooked his daughter up with a top modeling agency over a year ago. After her first major gig, she came home just as the sun was rising.

Her goal had always been to study theoretical physics.


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What goes on in those sacred temples. This always seemed terribly wrong to me. Best wishes in whatever you decide. He isn't always around for holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries. When my husband and I were sealed, I finally understood why my Dad had been stressing this to me my entire life. I think you should start by having some very honest conversations. You can't force her to change, nor should you if you could.

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I also studied his advice for approaching and dating women. If she can accept me for who I am and what I believe, knowing that I'll never give her the eternal family she wants, then maybe we'll be ok. It will be nice to have time to do things for myself. The important thing is doing it together. They don't want to accept that someone can understand the doctrine and choose to reject it.

It is a new experience yet for me as I have only been married 6 months to a doctor.

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Those were difficult both in terms of terminology and in understanding what was going on medically. In the end, if the guy is the keeper you say he is then go with your gut. Thank you for pointing this out. Two very simple things that require so much effort and understanding. I do not have a problem with nurses. But my relationship with him is worth this small sacrifice. Things have worked out pretty well with us so far.

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I had thought after so many years I would find a way to deal with the resentment. Remember she brats only try to convert you because she thinks it is in punished best interest. No walking your daughter down the aisle, no giving your daughter away at the alter, nothing but you standing outside the temple waiting video it's over. I think the LDS have been vastly over-simplifying that doctrine. What a bozza topic. While my husband is not a doctor he does have a job that requires very odd hours a-typical of the American and works all holidays.

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He probably hates even the memory of me for getting him in that stupid church. Or the links, in that first vision one. The important thing is whether or not your spouse will support you in your endevours to live your religion. And I never found that "good Mormon girl". She hasn't submitted the paperwork yet but I have no doubt that she will do this eventually.