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In a Korean high school, a female student is summoned to the front of the class to be caned for being rude and lying. She is reluctant to come forward and appears to be challenging the teacher, perhaps denying guilt, but he insists.

She comes to the desk and is given five strokes of the cane on the seat of her skirt.

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She remains standing up for this, rather than being made to adopt the all-fours posture which is more usual in Korean school caning. There is nothing jocular about this episode, although the strokes are not especially hard. The girl holds her bottom at the end of the punishment.

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In this improved version of the clip, the aspect ratio has been fixed so that the student and teacher now appear the correct shape during the caning. In a class of younger students, two girls are lightly caned, apparently as they pack up to leave at the end of the lesson. Each comes up to stand facing the blackboard, and the schoolmistress administers five rapid taps with the cane on their school uniform skirts.

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This is clearly not a serious punishment. I think the girls' yelling in reaction to it, and holding their bottoms afterwards, is meant as a joke. Certainly there is laughter, including from the teacher at one point. A short sequence within the item, evidently caught on a cameraphone, shows a large number of schoolgirls being punished outside their school.

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The girls are lined up in a row and have been made to adopt an "all-fours" or "push-ups" position while a man goes along the line, whacking each girl several times with a stick on her bottom. According to one source, 40 high-school girls were thus punished altogether, for not taking part in Teacher's Day. We know from other pictures that this "all-fours" posture is current in Korean schools, both as a punishment in its own right holding the position for a length of time and as a stance for the receipt of posterial chastisement.

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The implement being used is much too thick and heavy and rigid to be described as a cane in the British sense. It also appears not to be in conformity with the Education Ministry's rules for CP as set forth in this June news item. I would describe what we see here as almost "clubbing" rather than caning. The stick appears to be wielded with some force and without very much care; indeed, in Western cultural terms this treatment might be thought to be verging on the brutal.

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For that matter, nor would it be regarded as acceptable -- and especially not for girls -- in some other Asian countries, such as Malaysia videos Singapore, where the moderate, properly regulated, formal, non-violent caning of schoolboys is routine and officially supported.

However, the evidence is that in Korean agnes bruckner tattoos this sort of thing is fairly normal and is regarded by many as a reasonable or even necessary way of dealing with misbehaving youngsters of both sexes. Girl fact it may be that in Korean terms this is fairly mild stuff, because there are also girl and there is at least one unpleasant video clip on YouTube of students school violently punched and thumped on the spur of the moment by angry teachers -- which of course is not corporal punishment at all, but mere indefensible brutality.

This caning item from SBS Caning in March reports on severe caning in a girls' boarding school school Busan, with a group of teenagers partly lifting up their skirts to show the results. The punishment appears by Western standards to have been way over the top.

There are background scenes of the school including the dormitory, and a brief shot of a student's bruised buttocks videos medical treatment.

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school girl caning videos moving pictures of girls suckin girls pussys In this 3-minute clip whose soundtrack is badly distortedsecondary-school pupils are being punished for, it is said, low test scores. Each of three girls comes forward to be disciplined at the blackboard by the male teacher, who keeps consulting his results sheet. The cane is applied to the seat of the skirt. The first student makes a tremendous fuss, jumping about, yelling and clutching her behind after each stroke, of which she gets about six in all. She is probably "playing to the gallery", as the caning does not appear to be all that hard. The second student makes rather less fuss over her eight strokes, but there is still much rubbing of buttocks. The third girl is exemplary, marching up to the blackboard and taking eight brisk strokes calmly and without demur.
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