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The Female Voice: Diving Divas (Part 1) - Scuba Monkey

Statistically champagne corks, vending machines and bathtubs pose more of a threat to your safety than scuba diving. In my experience as an instructor females are more cautious, think through possible problems more and commonly practice safer diving habits than their male counterparts.

Most scuba diving fatalities claim the lives of the ignorant, the reckless and the irresponsible: it has nothing to do with gender. Most people think sharks are mindless man eaters.

Thank you Steven Spielberg.

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Nothing is further from the truth. Human blood is simply not appealing to sharks. Ralph S.

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Collier, a shark behavior expert who has been documenting shark attacks since claims that our terrestrial blood simply does not invoke the same reaction as the blood from a sea otter for example.

Pull the other one. Female divers are full of passion, enthusiasm and endorphins.

There is nothing sexier than that in my book. Ok, so hair scuba is sticking out women all angles looks a bit odd, as does that mascara that is covering half your face in a perfect mask outline, but You have to dive it.

Everyone knows they have been photoshopped to death anyway, sexy photos are not real — that awesome turtle you just saw is. This is so sexist and terribly untrue. Scuba diving has been brought to the recreational masses, not just to those who can pee standing up.

The top minds of the world are primarily men for the same reason that diving is regarded diving a male sport.

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Sheer prejudice. Luckily the balance in all walks of life are becoming fairer, and even more traditional cultures are realizing the potential of utilizing both sexes. Diving is also becoming more equal.

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scuba diving sexy women naked sexy white virgin boobs hot However, this three to one ratio is a vast improvement to the eight to one split that we saw ten years ago. So what has changed? Why are more women taking the plunge? How do woman measure up in the big underwater scheme of things? Do women or men make the better student? Who makes the better instructor?
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