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Hudgens on the other hand has repeatedly apologized to her fans over the leak.

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In a total of three more nasty photos of the star were shared on the web. It was concluded that the hacker most likely decided to keep these for himself, but then later on decided to be generous and shared them with the world. Ahhhh… in we were blessed with a shit load of Vanessa Hudgens leaked nudes! It was a fantastic year for her enormous fan base with this major scandal.

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This was the first time we saw her bare titties, it made jerking off to her so much better. God damn, can we just talk about how Vanessa has the most perfect nipples in Hollywood?!

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He was one lucky bastard, she was probably sending him all of these delicious naked selfies. What a douche-bag though, why did he ever let this dime piece go?! I bet he is regretting now! Vanessa was just exploding as a brand new star back then and these scandalous selfies took her stardom to a whole other level. Some credit these for making her an A-list star so fast!

Vanessa Hudgens Fappening Pics

Baby Vanessa was just blossoming into a little starlet when these pictures were leaked. Compounded by media, the cultural expectation of Hudgens to be perfect like Gabriella, a fictional character milena velba in latex a universe where teens broke out in song and dance, was shattered by the leak.

At the time, one Urban Dictionary user updated the definition of "Vanessa Hudgens" to: "Before her 'incident', Vanessa Hudgens was every girl's role model. Recently, nude pictures of her were leaked on the internet. Unfortunately, girls now think of her as the skank who doesn't shave. Please search up shave if you have any questions. Much of this slut-shaming rhetoric came from people who viewed the nude photos as Hudgens's mistake, not a crime committed by a hacker.

NEW! Vanessa Hudgens Naked Fappening Pics [ LEAKED ]

Instead of calling the pictures revenge porn, the Daily News described one as a "saucy snapshot. The onus to correct the problem was unfairly placed on Hudgens, who apologized for her actions. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends.

Thankfully, this would play out much differently today. After hackers illegally released nude pictures of Hudgens, Jennifer Lawrence, and other celebrities in a event now known as "The Fappening," Twitter users mobilized to combat the bloggers publishing the images.

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Hilton quickly removed the photos from his site.


vanessa hudgens new nude pictures free teen clip with sound People on the internet are going crazy over Vanessa Hudgens naked leaked selfies. The sexy Vanessa Hudgens is known for her promiscuous and freaky side, so we are not really surprised she fell victim to hackers. In September of internet pirates targeted over of the hottest celebrities such as Jennifer LawrenceKaley CuocoVictoria Justice and lots more. Of course when you are rich and famous there are folks out there who want to take your personal porn, but I guess no one was smart enough to know they would break into their iCloud accounts. The ex Disney star has some pretty nice perky tits and perfectly sculpted petite body….
vanessa hudgens new nude pictures bashful brittany pussy nude xxx For the first two weeks of SeptemberHigh School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens battled the most intense controversy of her career. A man had illegally leaked her nude selfies to the National Enquirerand the photos later appeared on the gossip forum Oh No They Didn't and websites like Perez Hilton. Today, everyone from prominent figures to casual Twitter vanessa would new criticize this behavior as sexist and unethical, but inmedia piled on Hudgens. The Associated Press followed up with an article lambasting Hudgens for differing from her High School Musical character Gabriella: "Gabriella nude Troy coo, they make googly eyes, rachel rox feet barely kiss. They certainly don't show off nude pictures. Compounded by media, the cultural expectation of Hudgens hudgens be perfect like Gabriella, a fictional character in a universe where teens broke out in song pictures dance, was shattered by the leak. At the time, one Urban Dictionary user updated the definition of "Vanessa Hudgens" to: "Before her 'incident', Vanessa Hudgens was every girl's role model.
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