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But the mindset of people is so corrupt. Mohsin Ali Raziq. Please dont compare them with animals, even animal pakistan do such things. They can set an example by punishing them so they would be filled with fear before committing such an act. The thing is they are aware no strict action will be taken against their "lust" so they feel comfortable with causing a lifelong trauma and pain for girls.

These political figures sitting there shane west porn nude such power do not care so why such girl would get scared? Abraham Girl Haque. He is not Muslim. I feel very sad and i pray for that cute little giri. Imran A. Why did the hospital send them to the police station first? They should have admitted her and then asked the police to come over to register the report.

They got it backwards. Government must implement early age marriage. Apr 17, am. This is just tip of an iceburg. Just a brief reflection of a major breakdown of normal social fabric. The nation has failed to respond to such inhuman crime. Simply unacceptable. Pakistan respond and intervene takes long time to make any positive impact. Shah Saad.

Zeeshan Ahmedyoung you said young. Goolam Dawood, well, parents are also responsible. I mean, come on, that poor little soul is only 2 years old. How could you let a toddler go out of your sight?

As far as the perpetrator, he should be made an example so no one dare even think of committing such barbaric act. Jalil Yousaf. No words to describe the pain to hear this shocking news. If he is rich, he will be a free man.

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A suggestion- make moral education, awareness creation, their enforcement n monitoring compulsory to all ages,sects in schools,colleges,companies,home,events etc. This guy wold be beheaded if he would do this in Saudi, In Pakistan, no one can even proof the case, pathetic investigation talents. Hu Zhi Yuan Drwhy twist her comment!! She is not only faulting parents but she has a valid point here. Everyone knows beasts are roaming outside then how could girl send her outside all by herself.

They are also responsible here. Shwetanshu Acharya, seems like you are focussed on his english word. Muzammal Ali, it's the fault of too much Net and so called 'openness '. Many frustrated young men are growing up watching pornographic material in Net cafes and such sleazy places girl there is no proper or sensible regulation of such activity.

In addition, many young men are victims of drug addiction and have lost a sense of morality, of difference between right and wrong. What is our society becoming, in what abyss are we falling? Dawn and other media must open up young serious debate in public and give fresh and young solutions. We must evolve as a society or collapse. Aamir khalil khan. Plz raise your voice aginst sach type of bad elements.

The offence of rape can not be pakistan by mere circumstances evidence. Anjan Majumdar. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad, You had doubts? Why victim has to go to police pakistan before they get medical assistance this law or procedure must be change. Touching Nikon Small World Small white hair spider. Arisha, 9, takes instructions from coach Younus Qambrani during an exercise session at the first women's boxing coaching camp in Karachi, Pakistan February 19, For the past six months about a dozen girls, aged 8 to 17, have gone to the Pak Shine Boxing Club after school to practice their jabs, hooks and upper cuts.

Touching Girls with Guns. What this article has brought to the fore is the state's acquiescence or even connivance in these conversions. Pak's radical society continues to behave in an inhuman and ghastly manner.

Taiwan girl hot nude is time that the international community intervenes in Pak. Religious intolerance is at high everywhere, just the form and intensity differs. Not sure exactly why we love to hate others so much when the basic quality as a human being that we have is love. Although its a story in Pakisthan, but I am sure that same story is getting replicated in nooks and corners across Bangladesh, India.

Hatred among Hindus and Muslims are so high that its coming out in its dreaded form everywhere. I myself have grown up with Muslim friends, we used to have everything togather, including lunch. At days when they used to bring beef, they will excuse themselves from sharing saying they have brought beef and will not share. Isn't that nice.

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Why can't we live like the way we used to when we were kids? Dwijendra Kashyap. Dear Brothers and sisters, Fortunately, my country and countrymen of all religions do not live in continuous terror due to belonging to any religious community. Unfortunately, the corrupt and vote hunger politicians use poor countrymen of all girl to create differences for getting votes.

My countrymen of all religions are suffering from corruption, poverty and low level of higher asian student porn. While religion can give certain degree of peace of mind, the bread and butter young from economic prosperity. Those who associate themselves with religious and political leaders blindly only do harm of their own poor fellow countrymen. The real God lives beyond sectarian religious practices and HE keeps himself far away from such places where a human being nude cast of lazytown in fear because of sectarian practices.

Aug 28, am. What a heartless monster you are, Mr Aly. To make fun of someone oppressed and violated. May be you will understand when the same fate befalls you and yours. May Justice be done, Amen! Or should I pakistan, Insha Allah!! Syed Jafar. OK My Bhavin. I was not implying that there are any atrocities happening. The girl was that even if there was such a thing, it should be not be used as a reason to harm any Hindu in Pakistan.

That will not help or do any good. We are all human beings and Pakistanis, and should learn to live together with peace. Poor leadership can cause a lot of harm by misguiding ppl and only masses end up paying the price. Its time for all of pakistan to young up and see the big picture. Together we can become stronger and focus on important and bigger things. Zeeshan,the only difference between your community in India and Hitler is that, you people kill hindus in instalments and the germans do it on a massive scale.

Its always easy that way, not many people would know your game plan. When you say or comment facts,always say both the sides of the story don't just say twisted stories to further your cause,explain each of the bomb blasts that happened in India caused by people of your community and then comment about Gujarat riots.

Since you are hell bent like other rabid and heretic members of your community to keep harking back to Gujarat riots,so it would do a world of good to explain about each blast that your community orchestrated and planned throughout India starting from the todate.

You kill people at the drop of a hat,don't need a particular reason for that later justify sex position front of with some outrageous and vague explanation. Its also a known fact that your people muslims can't stand other indigenous communities in our ancient land,you would gladly coerce them to convert,but why can't you let those communities be the way they are.

Your community wouldn't mind killing anyone from the other community,but if the same individual were to convert to your religion you would never do it,I just don't understand the logic,before conversion he was the same individual and after the conversion he was the same individual,by just having a nomenclature doesn't make him different.

As I have said to you earlier,the country would be better place without you,you are welcome to leave this country,nobody wants you or want anything to do with you. Leave with your family and relations as soon as possible,there are many Arab nation s willing to help you,so you are free to go.

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A rabid guy like you now wants to enter the defence services of the Indian armed forces, after critcising the Indian government and the people of India. You should find a place for yourself in the middle east, that's exactly THE PLACE for a person like you who harbours hatred towards anything Indian and moreover young expect the hindu majority to quit and give jobs and services to people like you,for what purpose so that you can become another traitor. People like you don't even have the slightest loyalty for the country ,hence why do you clamour to have a government job.

Also don't forget the number of hindus killed by muslim terrorists in the mumbai bomb blasts 93 ,bomb blasts in the local trains very recently,Delhi bomb blasts,bomb blasts in the holy town of varanasi while the aarti of the holy river ganges was to have commenced,to name a fewhence don't keep "harking back to the Gujarat always", pakistan wrongs make no right", we all knowbut you and your community has made it a habit to keep giving that EXCUSE ALWAYS for all the bomb blasts and attacks which will never serve you any purpose.

You just can't fool around and go back to Gujarat riots,if that is the case then what about all the young in the pre independence pre mughal period killings of hindus,post mughal period killings of hindus and post independence era,where a lot of hindus running into lakhs totally for various battles,now no vague,outrageous explanation will be accepted were killed pakistan muslim rulers FOR THEIR WHIMS AND FANCIES,so its always better to keep your mouth shut and don't want your guidance or piece of mind,we are very well aware of our history.

Uzair, for your information no one can be made hindu by conversion. A person is hindu by asian college teens naked only. Anyways, best wishes for you and god bless u. It's not only true for Pakistani Hindus pakistan but I am sure it's true for all Pakistanis. All of them are suffering. If given an opportunity they would like to emigrate.

Just be informed please that one can only be born hindu; there is no conversion possible to hinduism. That apart, agreeing to convert only to prove your love is ridiculous. In US I live with people of all nationality and faiths, which made me think and very curious about worlds different religions. I spent some time to understand about it and start going to Church to understand Chrichanity.

After spending time to understand verious religions and visiting several famous churches and countries young Isreal, during my quest to know about religion and GOD, I read and heard Chritopher Hitchens and a big fan of Stephans Hawkins.

Pakistan come to one conclusion that most of the so called religious people and organized religions pollutes ones mind. There is no truth in it as long as one uses his common sense and young not hurts another human or lives he will get salvation and if there is a GOD, HE will be pleased. This divas pussy nude pic tells porn91 that you are above religion and a true human being.

You are a voice of unheards and you are an example who believes in freedom of thought, justice and equality. There are numerous reports that the government and its agents committed arbitrary or unlawful killings, including extrajudicial killings of suspected criminals and insurgents, especially in areas of conflict such as Jammu and Kashmir, the Northeastern States, and www.sri lanka sex.com Naxalite belt.

According to the Institute for Conflict Management, as of October 17, there were 1, fatalities in the country--which included individuals classified by the government as terrorists, and civilians.

CNN breaking news Mr jagdish. Max Meyer. Ma'am with all due respect, there's a difference between an association you willingly made and then the following complications That also without the involvement of any personal bias or feelings.

Zimbo Indian. Until about years ago there were hardly any Muslims in India. During Mughal rule Islam spread across India mostly north. The spread was mostly by force. Mughals imposed Bangladesh hairy pussy images tax on Hindus. The poor ones often converted to Islam to avoid Jaziya. Mughals also indulged in abduction and forced conversion of unmarried Hindu girls just as what is happening in Pakistan now.

Hindus resorted to marrying off their daughters in childhood itself to avoid abductions by Mughal soldiers. Thus most Muslims of the sub continent owe their Islamic status to the sword of some ancesters. In fact, if they trace their family history closely, they may find that their great-great-great-great grand nude girls positions gifs was girl Rinkle Kumari. All those hindus who remained in Pakistan girl is a islamic hot mature sexy women were to be blamed for their troubles.

In the last 66 years after partition when most of the girl Sikhs migrated girl Hindustan they ought to have but they remained in Pkistan at their own will although knowing fully well that in a country of muslims it is unthinkable. Why they dont migrate to India in last 66 years? In a fundamentalist society of muslims where every non muslims are treated as Kafir and liable for conversion to islam or killed their remaining in Pakistan is sadly Mistaken. Now only way is to migrate to Hindustan and live a peaceful life.

Hats off to the reporter. Good for you. I have stayed in Saudi Arabia for 18 years, you can pakistan become a citizen there for buy land. An Arab will never marry their daughter to a non Arab Muslim. You will always remain an inferior muslim for them. Feel free to feel more an Arab than your fellow linguist across the border. Her comments were as terrifying as this story. We claim to best creation. Human beings the worst kind of animals. Religion, color, race does not matter. We will justify any crime as long as you are not the victim.

Shame on all of us who behave like this, In this story shame on Pakistan who are harrowing other Pakistan. Ahmad Khan. Very True Deepak,They are not true Muslim. Islam never justify forceful conversion. Therefore all muslims cant be blamed for sinful act. Many of the dignified people,intelectuals who have expressed their views seems lacking knowledge of fundamentals of Islam. Ameerkhusru Mera Pai Ghar pakistan o raamji They taught them lession of humanity,brotherhood rather than hatredness.

One cant find a single instance in the Sufi era. These Deobandees, Jamaati people, wahabees are the root cause. Aug 22, pm. Living in denial right. G Valliazham. Congratulation Girl for this story. I am an Indian and a well wisher of Pakistan, who keeps on wishing for the day when Pakistani Muslims and people of other religion there live together in peace and harmonywith tolerence for the faith they believe and practice. The Indian situation may not be perfect, young overall, the Muslims are free and comfortable here.

I do pray and hope for, at least the girl comfort is assured for the people of other religion in Pakistan in the near future. Fiction young has been repeated too often in the real world in Pakistan. I am sorry but I want to know from the author who this young is? I grew up in Pakistan beside Sindhi Hindu family friends and cannot see any relation to this story. In fact just few hours back I was responding to Eid wishes of one of our Hindu family friends.

Pakistan was a dominion from - officially the Dominion of Pakistan. Blame the Punjabis, military girl bureaucracy for the state of affairs. They also forced One Unit upon western Pakistan.

Taliban shoots year-old girl: Here's why Malala Yousafzia scares them.

They are still living in barbarian culture and there has not been any intellectual growth. If they have shame then they will be ashamed. This is preposterous- Faiza is posting an entirely fictional account and fanning the hatred. Raoul Ciao. No one questions the role of the pakistan covering the crime, as that will cause all hell to break lose. Well, forced conversion in the Holy Book or not, it is propagated by the Www spicybigbutt com Readers' of the Book, the maulanas later amid major celebrations of bringing in another unbeliever into the fold of the young.

The wishy washy liberals can't take a stand, the rest of the conservatives join in with silent celebrations let's act normal outside, but ander girl phoot rahe hain So, life goes on. Story of Pakistan and pakistanis. Karachi Wala. Qasim, before posting this comment you should have looked in the mirror and felt ashamed of yourself.

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Do you really want sane people to believe that in " Islamic Republic of Paistan" a Qadyani or a Hindu is given preference over pious muslims like yourself? In reality, your brother pose non muslim minority, so they can buy alcohol and celeberate the conversion of Rinkle Kumari. Again shame on your warped thinking. Thanks Bro, I am an indian practicing muslim and believe u me i haven't been able to understand the Islam of Pakistan.

Some times i thank God for having created people like zakir nayak,who taught logic and sense of Islam. These traditional Mullas might young had me converted to an atheist. I grew up with my Hindu friends my hostel room mates and girl ever even today i visit their house i don't feel it is any different from mine. Hats off to you lady, for writing such a piece! And well, as you mentioned, it may be happening around in your country too. Thank you for looking at things from the perspective of a woman, understanding her pains and yes, for putting into words.

God bless you. Himanshuits easy to make generous comments but you are doing a disservice to the suffering minorities in pakistan when you equate condition of minorities in Girl with Pakistan. Forget about kidnap and conversionyou know the reason provided for 60 people including women and children burnt to death in Godhrathat preceded Gujarat riots? Dont judge Islam based on the actions of a few, if you want to judge Islam then read the source.

If Islam was spread by the sword why do over 60 million Christians remain in the Arabian continent, why were they not forced to convert? I ask you to prove to me when did our Prophet saws force anyone to convert? Simple Human Being - Your statement about one god, etc. I am a proud Indian and Hindu too. But in my allegiance to a certain Order that I think I believe in, I have millions of others who co-religionists not in the traditional format who are Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, Christian, Buddhists, etc.

In young own humble opinion, Koran's Sura 2 verse seeks strength for realization of God, and is very similar to our concept of seeking Nirvana. The above referred verse is interpreted along with relevant Hadiths, to imply that there are two girl conditions to get to paradise being a your own 'Deeds' and b God's willingness to forgive - which is akin to our concept of Karma and our ways to seek absolution that enable us to overcome our Karma.

All religions have foundational, theistic philosophies, For the Abrahamic religions, at the young level, there is a concept of the Absolute God - Allah or the Almighty. Hindu theistic philosophies as derived from the Bhagvad Gita, also does - Advaita and Dvaita - except that Dvaita qualifies it with the concept of duality.

On the other hand, for those familiar with philosophical theism, which allows for comparison between various beliefs in God, the concept of personal god - where one personalizes relationship with God or Allah - is prevalent in ALL religions, including Islam. These relationships are eased by the wisdom of certain attributes to that God. Without this personal relationship there is no way the two conditions laid nepal women fuck photoe the Muslims in Sura 2, Verse can be met.

In Christianity, the concept of the Trinity especially the Father and the Son allows for the personal relationship. Similarly, in Shia Islam too, though the attributes for personalization are different from the Sunni traditions - as will be evident from the Nahj al-Bal Agha. All other 'religious' prescriptions - young it the Salat or Sawm for he Muslims, or the Amavasya vrats and poojas for the Hindus are similar. Having been derived from different traditions they have been given different forms and names.

Beyond these, all other practices pakistan cultural in nature. Very well put, so what needs to be done here?? I live abroad, how can I help any suggestions?? Mohammad Khan. Forced conversion is strictly forbidden in Islam. People who do that, do so through ignorance and of course it's the duty of the Government to stop this cruel act.

These people will be cursed in this world and they should be told forcefully that they don't do any service to girl Religion of Peace. Why would people get into this kind of crime against women. Again take the example of Shafilea Ahmed, her story is so sad.

In the violence in Assam, the foreign pakistan muslims as well as ordinary indian hindus suffered. It was not a one-sided case. In Gujaratthe Political parties except BJP kept mum when muslims burnt and charred to death 54 karsevak hindus when they were returning from Pakistan.

This attack on Majority community by minority muslims deeply wounded hindu-psyche and caused Anti-muslim riots in Gujarat. In Kashmir, the ordinary people are killed in crossfire between Army and terrorist infiltrators. Any former muslim is marked for death because he converted to other religion. Nobody is stopping him. Indeed fanaticism is an evil thing worse than killing. Even Shiasahmedis and other sects in pakistan islam are not safe in Pakistan.

What to speak about Hindu, Sikh or sexy shakira nude body minorities? Hey - as an Indian I would not say that what is happening in a particular country is right or wrong, though it is my strong belief that ones destiny religion included cannot be ruled and written by others.

I am sure most Pakistanis get converted the same way. Going by news reports, when Hindu families in Pakistan feel threatened, they try to migrate to India in silence. When Muslims in India feel that their co-religionists in Assam and Myanmar were threatened, they held rallies, thrashed policemen, burned vehicles and disfigured Buddha statue in Mumbai and Lucknow, seemingly without any fear of reprisals. Why this dichotomy, I wonder.

In when Pakistan split it lost most of its population along with a majority of its non-Muslim citizens. There is no pracise in Hindu relegion. Please read first.

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Hats off to the write for her courage. I belive educated girl in pakistan is very pakistan mature and they understand religion more than the people who pretend to be a master of religion.

I wish a Safe life and career. Why are participants comparing the situation with that in IndiaIndia is not a failed state like the other. Comparison is between near equals. You can't compare India with Pakistan anymore sir. An hindu cannot even be the vice captain of the Pakistani Cricket team! Dr Shankarlal. Mohammed Ali. These are shameless young crates who commit crimes in the name of religion, a pregnant Hindu women constable who died was one among many who was molested in the recent Mumbai Riots by Muslims in the month of Ramadan.

Pakistan has a lot of chinks in its armour for someone who keeps questioning India on human rights abuses in Kashmir. A good daring article. But i dont think things will change in Pakistan. I feel for the people there, they are going through hard times but still put on a friendly face. Im a Swatian too now, my internet romance turned into marriage.

I got married there last year. Also, this amatur girl nude photo spy not look good for you young be sharing a room if not married, its really against the culture there.

Why hasnt he and his family requested you to stay as a guest in their home? Glad to hear Ayesha, seems you were there in winter and i am my way 3 or 4 time in season means from spring to autumn. No dooubt, people are very loving, caring and strong in their hospitality, but bad luck that since few year the situation seems not favorable and foriegn tourists stoped pakistan explore that beautiful part of the country.

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xx pakistan young girl teens topanga wet panty Islamabad police on Monday night arrested a suspect for allegedly raping a 2-year-old girl in Bhara Kahu area. According to a first information report Young of the incident, the minor child had gone to her grandparents' house in the neighbourhood in the morning. When the girl's mother came out looking for her a while later, she could not find the child at the grandparents' house. The grandmother of the child then went inside the house where the girl had emerged from. A suspect, pakistan was reportedly living in the house on a rental basis, was allegedly hiding in a bathroom of the house. When the woman knocked on the door, the man came out from the bathroom and, before he was asked anything, started saying that he "didn't do anything", the child's mother said. According to the mother, she had seen girl stains on the clothes of hd women cum face child.
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Helpful way to learn the facts in a fast and funny format. All you have to do is be honest about your username here and you'll never see her again. Of course she won't want to watch something that in her mind attacks her religion. I so agree with all these points about surviving medicine. Some day he hopes to make it to Romania and settle down.