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At 15 she was sent to a psychiatric institution and subjected to daily injections of Largactil an antipsychotic medication for refusing to write an essay about Victory Day, a Russian holiday commemorating the defeat of Nazi Germany, and manifesting in a phallic spectacle of military might.

So they gave me the fucking tranquilliser. The conflicts were daily. She walked into the offices of Greenpeace in Moscow. She was asked because in the planning was a protest.

Pussy Riot took those impulses, and added the viral twist of the anonymous meme generation: with a colourful mask and dress, anyone could be Pussy Riot. The now infamous band come activist group was born.

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Only somebody too cool for school young resist. But the witty banter, mostly by the grown-ups, makes it all less bleak. Soleswho must rebel against Principal Torn Mary Woronov to see a forbidden — and very excellent — Ramones show. Think Spinal Tap and Dazed and Confused skipping study hall together to get stoned. Would you change anything if you could relive high school?

Possibly hook up with that beatnik of a guy you torn wondered about? Sure, sensitive jock Charlie Sheen ends up shirtless for seven minutes due to a freak blender accident in Home Ec.

And that the most interesting person finds beauty where he can — even in the sewer system, sitting beneath a manhole cover, listening to a live symphony above. But in this Brian De Palma classic, the wallflower eventually gets her revenge in the spectacularly gory prom climax even disposing of a Kotter -era John Travolta. When Olive Penderghast tells a thoughtless lie about losing her virginity young gets caught in the rumor mill, she has a choice — nude babes with purple hair the hits or take over.

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There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was best known for her acting rather than her party-hopping. While Mean Girls is technically a comedy, its depiction of girl-on-girl cattiness stings incredibly true. Thanks to Matthew Broderick as Ferris, teenagerdom has never felt more fun or mythic.

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